New global accounts analysis tool launches

Launching today (16 October) housing associations can view and compare financial performance data with peers across UK.

The interactive online tool allows HouseMark members to easily compare performance across over 40 key financial ratios including operating margin, gearing and social housing cost per unit. With data from over 185 housing associations this new service provides the freedom to quickly and easily flex the peer group, allowing users to quickly interrogate financial performance and decide who and how they wish to compare.  

The new tool also contains a dedicated section which reflects the proposed metrics as set out in the Value for Money Standard consultation for England.   Speaking about the new tool, Stephen Russell, Director of Commercial Services said:  “Listening to our members we know that they want timely, accurate data to support and shape their strategic decision making and we believe this can be a key tool to help deliver this. At a click of a button members can change peer groups, interrogate data and better understand their performance.

“This new tool provides a understanding of comparative unit costs and cost drivers, identifying areas of focus for deeper analysis – which complements our wider data and analysis offer. We’re confident this tool will deliver real value to our members, providing more analysis within their membership.”

The global accounts analysis tool is inclusive of existing membership (no additional cost) and becomes part of HouseMark’s business intelligence solutions for the housing sector in the UK.

Members who have not yet submitted data can still upload information through the data entry system.

Access the global accounts comparison tool here.

For more information about the tool, please watch this video or contact us. 

Please note you will need your password to log in. If you don’t have, or can’t remember your password, please choose to reset your password when prompted.

If you’d like someone else from your organisation to access this, please let us know by contacting us at All non-member organisations should contact 02476 460 500 if they’d like to know more about how to access this and other services.

By Siobahan Kilby

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