We believe in our values and they underpin everything we do at HouseMark

Trust and Integrity

•      We build trusted relationships by keeping our promises and delivering agreed outcomes.

•      We apply the highest industry standards in the collection, analysis and management of our members’ data.

•      We deliver our services and products consistently to the highest professional standards.

Customer Driven

•      We provide great value for all our members and customers.

•      Our services and products are driven by a rich and deep understanding of our members’ and customers’ business needs and the political and environmental context within which they work.

Make a Difference

•      We go the extra mile to make sure our members and customers are delighted with our service.

•      We challenge conventional thinking, pioneering new solutions for ourselves, our members and our customers.

•      We strive to inspire our members and customers by introducing and exploring the possibilities data and business intelligence can provide to their organisations – making data real, relevant and accessible to all.

Be the Best

•      We take responsibility for our own personal development and growth so we can be our best selves for HouseMark.

•      Learning from the best, we continually improve and modernise our services to stay ahead of our members, customers and competitors.

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