Our staff and associates are experts in social housing and/or business intelligence. Many have held senior positions in the social housing sector or commercial sector, and all are passionate about supporting our members to achieve excellence.

Laurice Ponting, Chief Executive  

Laurice joined as our new Chief Executive in October 2016. She has held previous posts of CEO and Executive Director and has substantive career experience of corporate and strategic leadership, property development, regeneration, property maintenance and customer focused service delivery in organisations in the local authority and housing association sectors.

Paul Edwards, Director of Resources and Corporate Support

Paul is responsible for management of our corporate services team, as well as leading on value for money. He has previously held senior roles in the housing association and local authority sectors.


Arturo Dell, Director of Technology and Innovation

Arturo is responsible for leading on product development, innovation, Big Data and the Internet of Things. He is widely known in the UK public sector as a thought leader and practitioner on these issues. He joined HouseMark in 2015 and was previously the Head of Business Intelligence at the London Borough of Camden.



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