We know the pandemic has had a dramatic financial impact on many of our members. Income lines have been squeezed by increases in arrears and void losses and delays to development programmes. Expenditure lines have also been radically altered – from lags in repairs and asset management to ITC investment brought forward.

Using our extensive database of quarterly performance data, hot-off-the-press COVID-19 impact monitoring data, and public/contextual data, HouseMark will deliver bespoke to financial forecasts to model the impact on a landlord’s income and expenditure for the next two years.

Only with HouseMark’s Budget Forecasts will landlords be able to:

-           See projections on profitability compared to the rest of the sector.

-           Model different scenarios based on local decisions – and see how this would affect VFM metrics.

-           Adjust resourcing levels to understand the likely impact on performance – from increasing investment in ITC to accelerate channel shift, to identifying the optimal number of rent collection staff to maximise revenue.

Landlords who submitted financial statements and detailed cost data by the end of October 2020 will automatically be eligible to receive our exclusive budget-modelling analysis

More information on our Budget Forecasts will be uploaded to this webpage in due course. In the meantime, please address any questions to james.jervis@housemark.co.uk.

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