Housing Analytics using Excel courses

Explore statistical and analytical methods of data analysis to help you really know your data and build meaningful reports. Go further with our advanced courses to develop predictive models and forecasting.

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Having access to the skills and tools to unlock data-driven insights has never been more important for social landlords.

We have two courses that aim to improve and enhance your analytical and statistical skills.

Housing analytics using Excel

The focus of this course is to provide a sound overview of basic analytical methods. This is a perfect introduction or refresher course to explore statistical and analytical methods. It covers the broad topics of exploratory data analysis, all with the aim of helping you to really ‘know your data’ in such a way that you can build meaningful reports with relevant insight and storytelling for a variety of audiences.

Advanced Housing Analytics using Excel and R

This course is for those wanting to go beyond reporting to develop predictive models and more advanced insight. We will study regression models, forecasting and significance testing. The course will be delivered primarily in Excel, with some parts covered in R Studio.

For more information about our data training courses, please contact helen.brownlee@housemark.co.uk.

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