Quarterly forecast report

Take stock, adapt, plan ahead. Combining sector sentiment with analysis and forecasts, our Quarterly Forecast report is the look ahead the sector can rely on.

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Covering a range of emerging political and strategic issues, we’ll deliver high-level insight, forecast outturns, and share best practice examples.

Get the confidence to make in-year decisions about the future of your business. The questions in this survey will focus on what is relevant to the decisions you need to make and therefore will change and adapt in line with current issues, emerging topics, and latest sector trends. You will have the chance to shape what is in our quarterly survey based on the insight you need.

All Housemark members will be able to access anonymised Quarterly Forecast reports – essential reading to ensure you keep pace with sector sentiment. Additionally, participants will receive their own bespoke Quarterly Forecast reports, adjusted for specific context. These bespoke forecasts will compare your monthly performance to the rest of the sector, alongside Housemark forecasts for both you and the sector as a whole.

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Our expert partners are here to provide support to boost your in-house capabilities. By presenting data in a clear way, we’ll show you what the numbers mean to your customers, your people, and your business.

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