Be a part of HouseMark’s new Predictive Analytics Project and play an influential role in leading innovation in the housing sector.

HouseMark is launching a new Predictive Analytics Project which sees a group of innovative housing organisations come together to explore the potential of using machine learning techniques. Together, we want to build a model that helps predict repair costs – with a view to using insights from this model to save money. 

Building upon an initial proof of concept, we are looking for asset and performance colleagues from forward-thinking housing organisations to join this crowdfunded project to further test our approach. We know there is a vast resource of rich operational asset management data that could be used to strengthen the model and deliver insight for practical, real-world applications. 

Why join?

The kick-off event is taking place in Birmingham on 26 February. All interested organisations are invited to attend.  

For more information about HouseMark’s new Predictive Analytics Project, including crowdfunding fees and timescales, please contact Elaine Middleton on for a customer information pack.

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