HouseMark's new Embedding Excellence Programme is an innovative and flexible framework that is designed to help landlords to excel by assessing their current performance against three elements; organisational culture, assurance and governance and customers voice. The programme aims to stretch organisations by identifying both strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to build upon what you do well, and focus activity on improving areas that matter to your organisation most.

Speaking about the programme, West Dunbartonshire Council’s John Kerr said:

"We are committed to delivering the best housing services to the citizens of West Dunbartonshire. Participation in the Embedding Excellence Programme will help us achieve this and strengthen our focus on delivering excellent services for our customers."

What does the programme involve?

Embedding Excellence is a three-stage journey:

Stage one: audited self-assessment In this first step, you complete a self-assessment which will allow us to identify strengths, weakness and any gaps that need to be addressed across the three elements.

Stage two: review and develop improvement plan This second stage consists of feedback and a facilitated leadership session to help you and your leadership team agree key activities and priorities as we build the improvement plan.

Stage three: route to Embedding Excellence This stage is tailored to your specific organisational needs. It includes a combination of support, tools and solutions delivered by our consultancy team to support Embedding Excellence.

After the programme is completed, the landlord conducts an enquiry into the progress made, and submits this to HouseMark. HouseMark then completes an insight and analysis report, and if progress has been made, the landlord achieves Embedding Excellence status.

View the Embedding Excellence leaflet

Prices start from £1,995.  

For more information please contact Kirsty Wells on or call 0131 281 2048.

Please note, the programme is available in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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