Call us biased, but at Housemark we believe that data-driven insights are key to making decisions that make a difference.

Most of us are familiar with the term ‘data maturity’ to describe how effectively an organisation uses the data it has available. This comes down to a lot more than just the actual data you hold, but the processes, tools and culture which determine how you maximise its value.

In our work with social landlords, we use a five-point scale to measure the data maturity of an organisation – where do you think your organisation sits?

– Unaware – little or no awareness within the organisation of this development area

– Emerging – growing awareness in the organisation that this is an area for improvement

– Learning – the organisation has already embarked on an improvement journey

– Developing – good maturity in this area with some room for improvement

– Mastering – high maturity in this area

Wherever you are on your data maturity journey, Housemark is here to help you make a difference with additional insights you can’t uncover alone.

Discover your own data persona with our data maturity quiz! You can access it here.

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