Specialist Clubs Scotland are open to our members and non-members and are a part of our new programme to support the housing sector to achieve continuous improvement and deliver better outcomes for stakeholders such as tenants, lenders and regulators.

Each club is chaired by an expert in their field and they are designed to support you to learn from each other and work together to develop new solutions. The chairs co-ordinate meeting content so they complement one another and ensure cross-over, where appropriate. 

Our clubs also provide a platform to share practice, learn from others and get into the detail of service delivery and improvement. The nature and content are closely linked to our benchmarking services to 'make your data real' as well as to the latest news in the housing sector.  Each club includes a fantastic line-up of in and out of sector experts and opportunities to engage with stakeholders around the business improvement agenda.

It's not too late to join a Club in 2019, membership is discounted for the remainder of the year. Come along for a taster, and have the opportunity to help shape future topics in 2020.

Repairs and Active Asset Management

Tenancy Sustainability

Business Assurance

Customer Experience

Housing Development

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