Introducing the next generation performance analysis solution

For many years HouseMark members have been able to compare aggregate key performance indicators (KPIs) quarterly with other providers, across a range of headline measures such as arrears, average re-let time and repairs appointments kept.

Analysing this aggregate performance information against a landlord’s profile and context helps provide some insight into what is driving performance. For example, we know from the data that a high proportion of housing for older people is likely to result in lower levels of arrears.

But there are two significant limitations with comparing aggregate level performance:

Comparisons by location (such as local authority) are difficult, particularly with a growing number of landlords operating a wide geographic spread of units.

Detailed analysis is limited to the profile information you have at a landlord level, and the impact of tenant and property characteristics is hard to assess

In light of this and in line with customer feedback, HouseMark has developed the next generation tool for performance comparisons – property level performance. We are currently piloting this innovative solution with our members and are looking for volunteers to take part. Participation is included within your membership fee.

What is property level performance?

Property level performance is a tool for seeing the geographic spread of your units and getting geographic and property profile comparisons of some of our headline performance measures.

The tool allows you to filter your peer group by local authority and / or ward, number of bedrooms, tenure type and property age to allow you to get local and bespoke comparisons. For example, you can compare arrears on 2-bed general needs homes in Glasgow only.

The tool also contains geographic open data on Universal Credit roll-out, deprivation and crime to assist your comparisons.

Property level data also opens up the possibility of local dashboards, if all landlords operating within a locality sign up.

A screen grab of the map element of the tool is presented below:

What is required to take part?

Participants are required to provide property level data in excel – in four different file types:

Files 2-4 need to be provided quarterly, but once the export has been created, generating it each quarter should be quick and simple.

The landlord’s property reference is the unique identifier that enables data to be matched to properties. Taking part is straight forward and require you to simply send these excel files into HouseMark who will upload them to the tool on your behalf.

As an added benefit of taking part, HouseMark will also populate your quarterly performance benchmarking data for you, so you’ll be able to run your aggregate performance comparisons as usual, without having to input the data!

We already have expressions of interest from over 30 landlords.

If you’d like to find out more about taking part, please email us at

By Natalia Karska

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