Top five takeaways for digital transformation post-COVID

Guest blog by Sally Caldwell, Housing Director at FutureGov

The pandemic has seen consumers vaulted five years in just eight weeks on their digital journeys – with the sector very much alive to doing things differently. Our latest COVID-19 impact data showed that more than 90% of landlords have been actively working on digitally transforming services as a result. In today’s guest blog, Sally Caldwell, Housing Director at FutureGov, shares some top takeaways for landlords when it comes to digital transformation.

One of the most profound challenges facing leaders is to simultaneously, and in the midst of the crisis, “ask ourselves not only how to overcome the immediate threat, but also imagine what kind of world we will inhabit once the storm passes.” (The world after coronavirus, Yuval Noah Harari)

This year, the challenge for public sector leaders has been existing in the transitional space between immediate crisis response and the opportunity to reimagine. For the past six months, we’ve been helping organisations pivot to deal with the immediate crisis and now, think about and plan for transition. As we recover, how might we rebuild resilience?

Here are five top takeaways for delivering post-COVID digital transformation:

1. Now is the time to learn

Understanding lessons and insights from your crisis response is vital to helping shape priorities and build on community responses to support future services. Developing tools and approaches to continuously monitor and support newly vulnerable groups will help to meet demand as lockdown changes.

2. Embedding new ways of working

Home working looks set to say for the sector, with the latest HouseMark impact analysis finding that 96% of landlords are making plans for some homeworking long term. Many public sector organisations and landlords implemented new structures, introducing new tools and management structures to support everyone to work quickly and collaboratively, while working remotely. Now, we need to think deliberately about how we keep that momentum, not moving backwards and instead, identifying the parts we want to keep and where it’s time for entirely new operating models.

3. Focus on community resilience

The future impact of COVID-19 on local and regional economies is difficult to predict. Reshaping local economies to protect against further shocks and building on the care and support delivered by communities we can codesign services with people and shape the role of residents in their places, building resilience in the community, workforce and local businesses.

4. Understand your data

Data insights enable landlords to drive digital transformation and build on measures taken in the initial crisis period. Understanding the data we’ve collected will help shape priorities and inform the co-design of new services.

5. Strength in numbers

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that we work better together. Multi-agency collaboration and local partners coming together is a core part of developing and delivering programmes. Working collaboratively and openly with other public sector and community organisations, we can leverage local assets and support people better. Now is the time to rethink how we work together to achieve shared outcomes for residents.

Hear more from Sally at HouseMark’s 10 Days of Data - a series of bitesize events that showcase the value and potential that data can bring to your business. ‘The power of data to drive digital transformation’ is taking place on Thursday, 8 October. Find out more and secure your place here.

By Natalia Karska

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