Develop the skills and confidence you need to make the most of data in your business with Housemark’s data training programme.

Complementing Creating Reports Using Power BI Desktop, this course focuses on the preparation of data using the Data Query Editor and Power BI Desktop.  We will use real housing examples to show how to pull together a variety of data sources and prepare them for use in data analysis and report building.

Two half-day sessions will cover:  

Power Query Editor: loading data, text, numerical and date tools, merging and appending, pivot and unpivot, refreshing data.

Calculated Fields Using DAX: calculated columns, measures, filter context, DAX functions and syntax.

Data Modelling: star and snowflake schemas, primary and foreign keys, creating and managing relationships, filter flow.

Who is this course for? The course is aimed at staff responsible for collating data ready for analysis. These may be database specialists within the IT team or advanced data analysts.

Entry requirements: The course requires good all-round IT skills. Database experience is not essential, as the basics will be covered in the course, but SQL expertise would make it easier to grasp some of the concepts. A good understanding of housing measures, such as those in the Sector Scorecard would also be beneficial, but not essential.

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