As Europe’s leading provider, Orange Cyberdefense delivers intelligence led managed and professional services underpinned by relevant technologies to solve customers’ cyber challenges supporting the entire threat lifecycle. With a 25+ year track record in information security and 250+ researchers and analysts, they provide managed security and threat response services that build a safer digital society. Believing strongly that technology alone is not a solution. The expertise and experience of their people enables a deep understanding of the landscape in which they operate and they regularly share this expertise via white papers, articles, and developing threat detection platforms. 

Varonis is a pioneer in datacentric security and user behaviour analytics, specialising in software for data protection, threat detection/response,  and compliance. Varonis protects unstructured data by analysing data activity, perimeter telemetry, and user behaviour to prevent disasters. By locking down your sensitive data they efficiently sustain a secure state with automation, and allow the maintenance of a least privileged access approach to permissions. The Varonis platform can deliver real-time awareness of how employees use data, enabling people to flag and stop malicious behaviour in its tracks, arming your cyber security and fraud administrators with industry-leading capabilities designed to protect your most valuable data. 

Join us at this Innovation Showcase event to see how Orange Cyberdefense and Varonis work together to help organisations protect their data, with a focus on the important topic of ransomware. Hear how ransomware gangs operate, how an attack works and how to defend against it. Learn common tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that will help you prepare for, detect and prevent an attack, and see a step-by-step attack simulation in action! With best practice examples, solutions and key takeaways to help you better understand where your organisation is at and what steps you need to take to defend your data. 

You can find out more about the full 10 Days of Data programme here. Contact to secure your passport today and explore the value of data across your business.

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