Knowledge in the age of Big Data

Big Data knows us better than we know ourselves, or so it claims, but what really is Big Data anyway? In our closing keynote Timandra will demystify knowledge in the age of Big Data, looking at what it means to know something – going beyond the data stored and accessed via machines. Cutting through the hype to put data science into real-life context, she will use a wide range of stories
and society trends to reveal what is essentially a human science. Helping you to decide whether you’re a data point, or a human being – with charm, wit and statistical insight!


Timandra Harkness
Writer, presenter and comedian

Keynote speaker: BBC Radio 4 writer/presenter, author and comedian Timandra Harkness

This event is part of our 10 Days of Data event series. Offering something for everyone, 10 Days of Data will bring together inspiring and exciting content from sector thought leaders and experts, as well as explore the tools, tech and tangible takeaways that will accelerate a data-driven culture across your business. Find out more about the full programme here.

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