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How registered providers get statutory consent from the regulator
09 Oct 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
How and when social housing providers should get consent from the regulator before they undertake certain changes to their organisation.

Local authority capital expenditure and financing in England: 2014 to 2015
07 Oct 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Contains individual local authority data.

DWP finally acts to end housing benefit 'maladministration' scandal
06 Oct 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
'The DWP has issued orders to end a bureaucratic bungle which caused thousands of sanctioned claimants to fall into debt and face eviction ...'

Social housing lettings 2014 to 2015: quality report
06 Oct 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
A brief summary of key issues relating to quality that users of the social housing lettings statistical report need to be aware of.

Social housing lettings in England: April 2014 to March 2015
06 Oct 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
National statistics on social housing lettings in England during 2014 to 2015 by local authorities and private registered providers.

Extending the Right to Buy (England)
06 Oct 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
Explains the Government's proposal to extend the Right to Buy to assured tenants of housing associations.

The accounting direction for social housing in England from April 2015
06 Oct 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
General requirements for the accounts of private registered providers of social housing.

Autism and homelessness - briefing for frontline staff
05 Oct 15 - Homeless Link | All
Ideas about how to overcome challenges, including a few case studies.

Extra responsibilities for landlords as new smoke and carbon monoxide regulations come into force
05 Oct 15 - Capita | England
An update by Capita.

Forces Help to Buy gets 5,000 service people on the property ladder
04 Oct 15 - Ministry of Defence | England
The Defence Secretary aims to double the number of loan recipients under the scheme that has already helped 5,000 personnel in 18 months.

Supporting victims of hate harassment
02 Oct 15 - Northern Ireland Housing Executive | Northern Ireland
Details of a hate harassment toolkit published by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

New briefing on Syrian refugee resettlement programme
01 Oct 15 - National Housing Federation | England
Looks at how housing associations may be able to help as the need to resettle refugees increases.

Clarification on the impact of sanctions on Housing Benefit
01 Oct 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | England
A housing benefit bulletin.

Housing market bulletin: September 2015
01 Oct 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
The latest bulletin(s) in this series can be found here.

How to tackle hoarding
01 Oct 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | All
Looks at how housing providers can offer help and support.

Affordable Housing Need in Scotland
01 Oct 15 - Shelter Scotland | Scotland
A report summary, showing that Scotland needs around 12,000 affordable homes a year over the next five years to meet current demand.

Troubled Families: benefits and employment, Apr 2012 to Jul 2015
30 Sep 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | England
Experimental statistics on benefits and employment for individuals and households on the DCLG Troubled Families programme.

Benefit expenditure and caseload tables 2015
30 Sep 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
Historic and forecast benefit expenditure and caseload data for people receiving benefits.

English indices of deprivation 2015
30 Sep 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Statistics on relative deprivation in small areas in England.

Warm homes, better lives
30 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
Sets out recommendations for tackling fuel poverty.

Deprivation in England and the impact on housing
30 Sep 15 - National Housing Federation | England
An informative article by Gerald Koessl, who is a Research Officer at the National Housing Federation.

HCA publishes fourth Statistical Data Return
29 Sep 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
Data drawn from an annual survey of all private registered providers in England.

Homeless applications continue to fall but more children in temporary accommodation
29 Sep 15 - Scottish Government | Scotland
A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

Four reasons why housing associations should sign up to the voluntary Right to Buy deal
29 Sep 15 - National Housing Federation | England
An article by David Orr.

Should NI private landlords or tenants be liable to pay rates?
29 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Northern Ireland | Northern Ireland
CIH Northern Ireland policy and public affairs officer Justin Cartwright argues rates liability in the private rented sector (PRS) is a murky issue but there is a solution.

Agenda for change
28 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru | Wales
Contains CIH Cymru's asks and offers to the next Welsh government.

Understanding the Housing Aspirations of People in Scotland
25 Sep 15 - Scottish Government | Scotland
This report explores the elements that make up people’s housing aspirations and the drivers of their aspirations. It develops understanding of these factors and makes policy recommendations based on the findings.

New home levels continue to rise despite August dip
25 Sep 15 - NHBC Foundation | England
House building activity in the UK this year is set to top levels seen in 2014, according to figures released by NHBC. The new home registrations statistics reveal an increase of 11% for the rolling quarter June - August, compared to the same period last year. A total of 40,101 new homes were registered in the UK during this period, up on the 36,149 new homes registered in the previous year.

What you need to know about the proposal to extend the right to buy
25 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
This briefing for CIH members sets out what you need to know about the NHF’s suggested proposal.

Immigration Bill eviction measures should not be extended to Scotland
25 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland | Scotland
'The Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland has added its voice to growing concerns over the potential impact of the UK Government’s 2015 Immigration Bill on migrants living in the private rented sector.'

Social Value Today: Current public and private thinking on Social Value
24 Sep 15 - HouseMark | All
This report brings the housing sector up-to-date in terms of UK, European and global trends in thinking on social value and its measurement. It consciously avoids commentary on the plethora of products being offered to the sector, focusing instead on the bigger picture which will over time impact on the value of these products.

Unsecured and insecure? Exploring the UK’s mountain of unsecured personal debt - and how it affects people’s lives
24 Sep 15 - Citizens Advice | All
Citizens Advice says people aged 17-24 years old came to them with 102,296 debt issues in the last year – 21 per cent more than the previous. The charity says this increase comes against a backdrop of exploding unsecured borrowing among young people which risks trapping a new generation in problem debt.

Nationwide redevelopment of surplus land and buildings
24 Sep 15 - Scottish Government | Scotland
Former publicly-owned land and buildings across Scotland, including hospitals, prisons and police stations, are being redeveloped to allow hundreds of affordable homes to be built.

What explains the growth in ‘never-worked’ households?
24 Sep 15 - Joseph Rowntree Foundation | England
This research investigates what drove the substantial increase in ‘never-worked’ households between 1996 and 2005, and the subsequent stabilisation, after 2007, of the reported numbers.

Statutory homelessness in England: April to June 2015
24 Sep 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Data on households found to be homeless by local authorities under homelessness legislation.

Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Legionella: Landlords' Responsibilities
24 Sep 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
This short briefing paper lays out the requirements on private landlords with reference to smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and the avoidance of Legionnaires' Disease (caused by the Legionella bacteria).

"Extremely worrying": CIH comment on latest homelessness figures for England
24 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
Figures released by the Department for Communities and Local Government show that 13,850 households were accepted as homeless between 1 April and 30 June 2015 in England, up five per cent compared with the same quarter in 2014.

Private sector house building is critical to meeting supply in Northern Ireland
23 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Northern Ireland | Northern Ireland
It’s been clear for some time that housing supply isn’t keeping up with demand. The main reasons for growing demand include improved life expectancy rates and a growing number of single person households. Over the last 20 years, Northern Ireland’s population has increased at an average of 10,000 per year (25,000 births against 15,000 deaths). But it is perhaps more important to pay attention to demographic changes, says CIH NI & ROI director Nicola McCrudden.

Social Housing Enterprise Strategy
23 Sep 15 - Northern Ireland Housing Executive | Northern Ireland
The Social Housing Enterprise Strategy 2015-2018 sets out the Housing Executive's vision for investing in the creation of vibrant communities by financing and providing resource support to develop the local social economy and create community-owned social enterprises.

After the Green Deal: Empowering people and places to improve their homes
23 Sep 15 - ResPublica | England
Homeowners should be offered low interest loans, guaranteed by the government, to pay for energy efficiency improvements to their homes, according to this report from the independent think tank ResPublica. In the first report on energy efficiency since the government announced it was cutting Green Deal funding ResPublica says the current, failing, system needs a complete overhaul because it does not provide value for money or engage with local communities.

CIH sets up housing academy to combat potential skills shortage
23 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | All
Housing could face a skills shortage unless the industry redoubles its efforts to attract young talent according to the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH). The housing workforce is currently more qualified than average – but it is also older, raising the risk that skills will be lost as people retire.

Homelessness: April to June 2015
23 Sep 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
Quarterly data which includes information on the number of households accepted as homelessness, reasons for homelessness and the number of households in temporary accommodation.

Personal Well-being in the UK, 2014/15
23 Sep 15 - Office for National Statistics | All
The annual ONS Personal Well-being bulletin is based on data from the Annual Population Survey designed to monitor personal well-being across the UK including estimates of annual change in personal well-being.

Help to Buy - Wales: Shared Equity Loan Scheme: August 2015 data
23 Sep 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
Data which includes information on the number of homes purchased and the value of the loans received under the Help to Buy - Wales: Shared Equity Loan scheme.

Community asset transfer: A toolkit for housing providers
23 Sep 15 - AffinitySutton | England
Housing Providers typically own a range of Community Assets including land and buildings. The management of these Community Assets is a significant part of Housing Providers’ Community Investment activity, yet little is known about the strategic approach they take when managing a portfolio. Affinity Sutton asked HACT to conduct this research and produce this toolkit in conjunction with three Community Organisations that were pioneers of Affinity Sutton’s Community Asset Transfer approach.

Don’t miss out on chance to learn from complaints, Ombudsman urges
22 Sep 15 - Local Government Ombudsman | England
Councils should view complaints as an opportunity to improve services, the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) has recommended.

Next stage of Universal Credit rollout begins
21 Sep 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | All
24 jobcentres from Durham to Wales, covering 12 local authority areas across the UK will begin to take new claims from single unemployed jobseekers. With the new benefit arriving at 170 more jobcentres over the next 3 months, by spring next year, Universal Credit will be available across the country.

My Spare Room: a new blog explores the real cost of the bedroom tax
21 Sep 15 - London School of Economics and Political Science | England
My Spare Room is a new blog co-produced by LSE Housing and Communities and social housing tenants affected by the bedroom tax. The blog shares people’s stories of paying the bedroom tax along with photos they have taken of what has been identified as their ‘spare room’.

Police get new national guidance on handling domestic abuse
21 Sep 15 - College of Policiing | England, Wales
Police in England and Wales have been issued with new guidance on domestic abuse which advises officers on how to prosecute without relying on a victim.

Private Landlords: Duty to Carry out Immigration Checks
21 Sep 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | All
This briefing paper sets out details of private sector landlords' new obligations to carry out immigration checks on tenants, brought in by the Immigration Act 2014 and amended by the Immigration Bill 2015.

Welsh Government and Home Builders Federation pledge to increase housing supply
21 Sep 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
The Welsh Government and the Home Builders Federation (HBF) have signed a pact to increase housing supply and maximise the local jobs and training opportunities created by the construction industry in Wales.

Home Adaptations, Integration and the Care Act
21 Sep 15 - Care and Repair England | England
This report explains the connections between the Care Act 2014 and the provision of help with home adaptations, particularly Disabled Facilities Grants, noting opportunities for integration.

How much help is Help to Buy? - Help to Buy and the impact on house prices
20 Sep 15 - Shelter | England
Drawing on official statistics and analysis, this research finds that Help to Buy has added around £8,250 to the average house price. In other words, it has helped a small number of people to buy, at the expense of worsening the overall affordability crisis for everyone else.

Rogue landlords should face stronger sentencing, tougher license conditions and potential blacklisting
19 Sep 15 - Local Government Association | England
In response to a government consultation has called for tougher sentencing guidelines for magistrates and a wider range of penalties so that the small minority of rogue landlords who exploit their tenants are properly held to account for renting out sub-standard accommodation.

Sector risk profile 2015
18 Sep 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
The report sets out the main risks facing the social housing sector and some of the actions registered providers should be taking to manage those risks. The regulator’s sector risk profile is intended to help boards have a better understanding of those risks, in an increasingly complex and diverse sector.

Spending Review 2015: Refinancing the State?
18 Sep 15 - Social Market Foundation | England
This blog article looks at the broad issue of whether the spending review might include measures to refinance the state rather than reshape it.

Quarterly Survey Return (Quarter 2 2015/16)
18 Sep 15 - NROSH+ | England
The Quarterly Survey Return (Quarter 2 2015/16) is now available on NROSH+. The survey will close on Wednesday 21 October 2015.

Local welfare safety net inquiry
18 Sep 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | All
A Work and Pensions Committee inquiry into local welfare safety nets. The Committee invites evidence on discretionary welfare, housing and Council Tax assistance schemes, including issues of sufficiency; accessibility; allocation criteria and appeals; and how local policies are drawn up and monitored. Deadline for written submissions is Friday 30 October 2015.

Disability Living Allowance is ending: claimant factsheet
18 Sep 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | All
This factsheet provides information for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) claimants about DLA ending and what happens next.

Breaking boundaries: Towards a ‘Troubled Lives’ programme for people facing multiple and complex needs
18 Sep 15 - Institute for Public Policy Research | England
Reviewing previous reforms to public services for socially excluded groups, this report makes the case for a locally-led and coordinated programme to support people with multiple and complex needs.

Right to Buy sales in England: April to June 2015
17 Sep 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Official statistics on the number of sales of dwellings under the Right to Buy scheme in England.

Gypsy and traveller caravan count: July 2015
17 Sep 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
Information on the number of Gypsy and Traveller caravans in Wales.

Housing is infrastructure says CIH Cymru
17 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru | Wales
Homes should be seen as national infrastructure according to the findings of CIH Cymru’s annual Welsh Housing Review.

Welsh housing charities call on politicians to protect support services for vulnerable people
17 Sep 15 - Cymorth Cymru | Wales
Welsh housing charities are calling on Assembly members to protect Supporting People funding.

CIH comment on quarterly right to buy sales
17 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
Figures released by the Department for Communities and Local Government show that 2,779 homes were sold by councils through the right to buy scheme in England in April to June 2015.

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Delivery Plan
17 Sep 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
The purpose of this consultation is to seek views on the Welsh Government’s revised three year Refugee and Asylum Seeker Delivery Plan. The consultation closes on 10 December 2015.

How do landlords address poverty?
16 Sep 15 - Joseph Rowntree Foundation | England
Research results based on surveys and interviews.

New house building in Wales: April to June 2015
16 Sep 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
About the number of new dwellings started, where building has commenced and those completed.

Brandon Lewis launches expert panel to speed up development
15 Sep 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
A new group of experts has been set up to streamline the local plan-making process.

Calling for long-term freedom on rents
15 Sep 15 - National Housing Federation | England
David Orr and witnesses from L&Q, the Local Government Association and Golden Lane Housing gave evidence to a cross-party inquiry into the Welfare Reform and Work Bill on Tuesday 15 September.

Lessons learned elsewhere vital for new social housing contribution in Northern Ireland
13 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Northern Ireland | Northern Ireland
'Using planning obligations to get more affordable homes built could work well in Northern Ireland – but lessons must be learned from other parts of the UK and Ireland, according to the Chartered Institute of Housing Northern Ireland.'

Empty Homes in England
11 Sep 15 - Empty Homes | England
Official statistics providing a comprehensive view of where empty homes are located in England.

Monitoring poverty and social exclusion in Wales 2015
10 Sep 15 - Joseph Rowntree Foundation | Wales
Analyses the latest data to show trends in work, poverty, housing and benefits sanctions in Wales.

Use spending review to help people on lower incomes secure affordable homes
10 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England, Scotland, Wales
The government’s flagship help to buy scheme should be switched to shared ownership homes to help people on lower incomes get a foot on the property ladder.

Disabled Facilities Grant Funding via Better Care Funds
10 Sep 15 - Housing Learning and Improvement Network | England
This briefing by Care and Repair England and Public Health England explains the changes to the provision of national government funding for home adaptations, clarify the responsibilities for delivery and highlight opportunities for integration.

Consumer regulation review 2014 to 2015
09 Sep 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
Sets out the social housing regulator’s approach to consumer regulation and includes case studies and lessons learned.

New housebuilding figures paint bleak picture
09 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Northern Ireland | Northern Ireland
Commentary from Justin Cartwright, policy and public affairs officer at the Chartered Institute of Housing Northern Ireland.

1,400 digital champions to bring the benefits of being online to thousands
09 Sep 15 - Citizens Online | England, Scotland, Wales
News of a scheme designed to create hundreds of ‘digital champions’.

Housing Benefit recoveries and fraud data: April 2014 to March 2015
09 Sep 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
Statistics on Housing Benefit fraud volumes and incorrectly paid benefit from April 2014 to March 2015.

CIH Scotland comments on updated housing statistics
08 Sep 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland | Scotland
Quarterly housing statistics for Scotland have been published.

Housing Statistics for Scotland 2015: Key Trends Summary
08 Sep 15 - Scottish Government | Scotland
Statistics on housing supply and public sector housing in Scotland up to 31 March 2015, based on information collected from local authorities, housing associations and the Scottish Government affordable housing supply programme.

Meeting London's housing need
04 Sep 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
Considers evidence of London's housing crisis.

Housing Benefit adjudication circulars 2015
03 Sep 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
Adjudication circulars provide updates to the Housing Benefit guidance manual for local authority staff.

Scotland Bill could provide opportunity to enable social landlords to support and transform tenants' lives
03 Sep 15 - Scottish Federation of Housing Associations | Scotland
Brief comments from the Vice Chair of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations.

English housing survey 2013 to 2014: technical report
01 Sep 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Supports users of the English housing survey findings and data sets.

Scottish Housing Regulator brings new performance information to tenants with its latest Charter reports
31 Aug 15 - Scottish Housing Regulator | Scotland
The Scottish Housing Regulator brought a new range of performance information to tenants, landlords and others with its latest landlord reports and online comparison tool.

Evaluating the extent of rough sleeping: local authority form and guidance
28 Aug 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Guidance to help local authorities and local agencies evaluate the extent of rough sleeping in their area.

Councils more like to use bailiffs
27 Aug 15 - Money Advice Trust | All
Research by the Money Advice Trust shows that councils in England and Wales referred 2.1 million debts to bailiffs in 2014/15 – up 16 per cent in two years.

Monthly review of the latest developments affecting youth homelessness
26 Aug 15 - Homeless Link | England, Scotland, Wales
Homeless Link's view of the impact changes to Housing Benefit have had on 18 to 21s.

Housing Benefit: withdrawing entitlement from 18-21 year olds
26 Aug 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | England, Scotland, Wales
This briefing considers evidence on the potential impact of withdrawal of housing benefit, and provides comment from organisations and those working with young homeless people.

Regulatory Guidance Consultation 2015: Scottish Regulator's response
25 Aug 15 - Scottish Housing Regulator | Scotland
Sets out the Scottish Housing Regulator's response to stakeholders’ feedback.

Deep Roots, Diverse Communities, Dedicated Service
25 Aug 15 - Human City Institute | England
Describes the legacy of BME housing organisations stretching back to the 1980s.

New £3.2 million domestic abuse fund now open
24 Aug 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Local authorities can bid for a share of a new fund to support the victims of domestic abuse.

Extending the Right to Buy (England)
24 Aug 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
Explains the Government's proposal to extend the Right to Buy to assured tenants of housing associations.

Rent setting: social housing (England)
24 Aug 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
Explains key policy developments.

Land for Housing Loan Scheme 2015/16
20 Aug 15 - Community Housing Cymru Group | Wales
Welsh RSLs have received an invitation to apply for funding and the deadline for applications is September 11th 2015.

CIH comment on latest house building statistics and rural productivity plan
20 Aug 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
Gavin Smart commented on house building statistics for England for April to June 2015.

HB Bulletin: August 2015
19 Aug 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
Information for all local authority Housing Benefit staff.

Rent Smart Wales - Countdown to new law affecting landlords and agents in Wales
19 Aug 15 - Community Housing Cymru Group | Wales
'The countdown has begun for a new law affecting all landlords and agents in Wales being introduced this autumn.'

Hoarding: Key considerations and examples of best practice
18 Aug 15 - National Housing Federation | England
This report draws on the learning from a series of regional events organised by the National Housing Federation and Sitra in February and March 2015.


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