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Quarterly survey of private registered providers
01 Jul 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
The HCA's quarterly survey report contains responses from social landlords who own or manage over 1,000 homes.

Councils hold the key to solving nation's housing crisis
30 Jun 15 - Local Government Association | England
According to the Local Government Association, councils can help to solve the housing crisis by supporting the government's pledge to build 275,000 affordable homes by 2020.

Scottish Housing Regulator reports on how it assesses risk
30 Jun 15 - Scottish Housing Regulator | Scotland
Two reports in a continuing series.

Homes and Communities Agency Annual Report and Financial Statements 2014 to 2015
30 Jun 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
Sets out the activities of the Homes and Communities Agency over the past year.

Housing Benefit subsidy circulars 2015
29 Jun 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
Information about the money government pays to local authorities to help them run housing benefit services.

Welsh housing welcomes challenge to improve leadership diversity
29 Jun 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru | Wales
'Four leading Welsh housing organisations have joined forces with Minister Lesley Griffiths to welcome a national challenge to improve diversity in leadership.'

Households below average income
26 Jun 15 - Welsh Government | England, Wales
An annual report, produced by the Department for Work and Pensions, which gives an insight into the standard of living of the household population in the United Kingdom, focusing on the lower part of income distribution.

Committee calls for Renting Homes Bill to be strengthened
26 Jun 15 - National Assembly for Wales | Wales
The National Assembly's Equality and Local Government Committee has recommended a series of changes to the Bill.

'Council complaints system under pressure' says report
25 Jun 15 - Local Government Ombudsman | England
The Local Government Ombudsman writes that the complaints system in local government is under increasing pressure.

Poverty and Income Inequality in Scotland: 2013/14
25 Jun 15 - Scottish Government | Scotland
Looks at figures before and after housing costs.

Brandon Lewis: housing associations can be 'champions of aspiration'
25 Jun 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
'Housing Minister Brandon Lewis calls on housing associations to support the government’s ambitious plans to extend the Right to Buy.'

Advice on transfers of public housing estates
25 Jun 15 - Land Registry | England, Wales
Contains advice on the transfer and registration of publicly owned housing estates and on the preserved right to buy.

CIH President to focus on attracting new talent into housing
25 Jun 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
'Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) President Geraldine Howley has pledged to focus on attracting new talent into housing during her year in office.'

Housing organisations take on diversity challenge
24 Jun 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
'Housing organisations are signing up to improve the diversity of their leadership.'

UK rents double the continental average
24 Jun 15 - National Housing Federation | England
According to the National Housing Federation, Britain's private renters 'are getting a rough ride' in contrast to their European counterparts. Rents in the UK are the highest in Europe.

What is the single biggest cause of homelessness in England?
24 Jun 15 - Homeless Link | England
The story behind the numbers.

Value for money in Scottish social housing should consider future tenants according to new report
23 Jun 15 - Wheatley Group | Scotland
Social landlords in Scotland should consider future tenants when analysing the value for money of what they do according to a new report.

Deprivation of Liberty legal briefing for housing providers
23 Jun 15 - National Housing Federation | England
A briefing about the legal framework on deprivation of liberty in the context of housing.

UK Housing Review Briefing 2015
23 Jun 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England, Scotland, Wales
Updates the existing Review.

Regeneration revival - interim report
23 Jun 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | All
Examines the case for a renewed national focus on regeneration.

Reduced benefit cap would make many areas off-limits for larger families
22 Jun 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England, Scotland, Wales
'Many parts of England will become off-limits for larger families on benefits when the overall benefit cap is lowered, according to analysis from the Chartered Institute of Housing.'

EU-backed project to back social businesses in Wales
22 Jun 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
Funds worth £11 million will support social businesses across Wales.

Regulating the Standards update
19 Jun 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
HCA writes, 'The approach the social housing regulator takes to regulation, what providers can expect of us and how we ensure standards are being met.' Updated on 19 June 2015

Social rent setting policy proposed for NI
19 Jun 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Northern Ireland | Northern Ireland
News of proposals for a social rent setting policy in Northern Ireland.

Working together - thinking alike: what do councils and local enterprise partnerships expect from housing associations?
19 Jun 15 - Smith Institute (The) | England
A report which argues that housing associations, local authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) should work together.

With the benefit of hindsight: learning from problem cases
18 Jun 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
The fourth in a series, outlining in case study format selected failures and near-misses of housing providers.

MSPs pass Community Empowerment Bill
18 Jun 15 - Scottish Housing News | Scotland
The Scottish Parliament has passed a Bill giving local residents the power to buy land or buildings in their area(s).

Report suggests that poverty in Wales should be tackled more effectively
18 Jun 15 - National Assembly for Wales | Wales
The National Assembly for Wales’s Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee has voiced concerns about the lack of progress in tackling poverty.

Building new social rent homes
18 Jun 15 - Scope | England
A report which makes the case for investing in 100,000 new social homes each year.

Welfare reform update - June 2015
18 Jun 15 - National Housing Federation | England, Scotland, Wales
Takes the form of an e-zine and offers useful snippets of information.

Three people a minute consult Citizens Advice about housing problems
16 Jun 15 - Citizens Advice | All
News of research completed by Citizens Advice.

HCA exceeds housing delivery targets
16 Jun 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
'A total of 179,170 homes of all tenures were completed through programmes run by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) during the 2011 to 2015 Spending Review period.'

Housing statistics 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015
16 Jun 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
Statistics covering housing starts and completions.

CAB publishes 8 studies of housing market failures
16 Jun 15 - Citizens Advice | England, Wales
Citizens Advice has published a series of studies looking at what lies behind housing market failures in England and Wales.

Scottish Housing Regulator publishes summary outcomes of landlord risk assessment
12 Jun 15 - Scottish Housing Regulator | Scotland
Summarises outcomes of the Scottish Regulator's risk assessment of local authorities and registered social landlords.

Changing places: how can we make resident involvement relevant?
12 Jun 15 - Family Mosaic | England
A report which makes a series of suggestions, and references HouseMark's resident involvement benchmarking report from 2010/11.

CIH expanding support for housing professionals in the Republic of Ireland
11 Jun 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Northern Ireland | Northern Ireland
CIH has appointed Tricia O’Keefe as a professional development co-ordinator in Northern Ireland.

Traveller caravan count: January 2015
11 Jun 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Data from the twice-a-year count of Traveller caravans in England.

Universal credit waiting period could cause serious problems says CIH
11 Jun 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England, Scotland, Wales
Gavin Smart, deputy chief executive at the Chartered Institute of Housing, has responded to the government's announcement of a seven-day waiting period for universal credit.

National Survey for Wales results
11 Jun 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
Includes figures for housing and 'accommodation'.

Response to the consultation on creating a new Public Service Ombudsman
11 Jun 15 - HouseMark | England
HouseMark's reponse to the government’s consultation on creating a new Public Service Ombudsman; bringing together the existing jurisdictions of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, Local Government Ombudsman and The Housing Ombudsman.

New house building, January to March 2015
10 Jun 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
Information the number of new dwellings started, where building has commenced and those completed. Over the last three years there has been a sustained increase in the number of new dwellings started in Wales.

A blueprint for Scotland’s future
10 Jun 15 - Commission on Housing and Wellbeing | Scotland
This report comments on Scotland's growing housing crisis, and calls for a radical change of direction.

Housebuilding increase welcomed by Minister
10 Jun 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
The Welsh Housing Minister has welcomed figures showing an increase in housing starts.

Housing Benefit subsidy claims: local authority best practice guide
09 Jun 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | England
Designed to help local authorities minimise or avoid qualified audits of housing benefit subsidy claims.

New Powers for Public Procurement for the Welsh Economy
09 Jun 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
The Minister for Finance & Government Business has confirmed that Welsh Ministers will soon have new powers to regulate on public procurement matters.The new regulatory powers for Welsh Ministers are expected to come into force on 12 August.

Options for Developing Quality Standards for Information and Advice Providers in Wales
09 Jun 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
This report seeks to map existing quality standards relating to information an advice on welfare rights, debt and financial capability, discrimination and housing issues amongst advice and information providers in Wales and proposes possible options for implementing a set of common quality standards relating to the provision of information and advice in these areas.

MoU between the Scottish Housing Regulator and the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman
08 Jun 15 - Scottish Housing Regulator | Scotland
Sets out the functions of both bodies, describing arrangements for their co-operation and communication.

Presentations from TAI 2015
08 Jun 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru | Wales
A suite of presentations across a wide range of subjects.

The Active Inclusion Fund is now open for applications
08 Jun 15 - Wales Council for Voluntary Action | Wales
The Active Inclusion Fund is now open for organisations to submit an Eligibility Questionnaire (EQ) and if successful in their application, organisations will be an Approved Beneficiary for the fund.

Scottish Housing Regulator: regulatory guidance consultation responses
05 Jun 15 - Scottish Housing Regulator | Scotland
Feedback from an earlier consultation.

Elmbridge, Chichester and Horsham among the most difficult places to become a first-time buyer
05 Jun 15 - National Housing Federation | England
Showcasing new research from the National Housing Federation.

Housing market bulletin: May 2015
04 Jun 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
The latest information on the housing market, the economy and the housebuilding industry.

Disposal of surplus public sector land and buildings protocol for land holding departments
04 Jun 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
Procedures meant for public sector organisations, to be followed when disposing of land or buildings with the potential for development.

The Renting Homes (Wales) Bill - Summary
04 Jun 15 - National Assembly for Wales | Wales
The Renting Homes (Wales) Bill reforms the law applying to rented homes in Wales. The Bill will replace the majority of existing types of tenancy and licence agreements with two new types of occupation contract.

Minister acts to protect Wales’ social housing
03 Jun 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
The Welsh Government is taking action to defend social housing.

Housing Statistics for Scotland, Quarterly Update (June 2015)
02 Jun 15 - Scottish Government | Scotland
Covers a wide range of housing statistics.

Delivering change: what housing associations can tell us about employment and skills
02 Jun 15 - Centre for Cities | All
Looks at how housing associations go about improving the skills and employment prospects of their tenants.

Housing Benefit Direct, June 2015: Issue 159
01 Jun 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
Information on policy changes, good practice and initiatives that affect Housing Benefit.

FVA now available on NROSH+
01 Jun 15 - NROSH+ | England
The FVA 2015/16 can be found on NROSH+.

Improving Gypsy/Traveller sites: guidance on minimum sites standards and site tenants' core rights and responsibilites
29 May 15 - Scottish Government | Scotland
Details of measures taken by Scottish Government to help Gypsies and Travellers in Scotland.

The Smith Commission and beyond: the devolution of housing benefit to the Scottish Parliament
29 May 15 - Shelter Scotland | Scotland
Argues the case for further devolved powers.

£6m to help older people live independently
28 May 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
The Welsh Government has announced a £6 million investment package to help older people live more independently.

EEA migrants: access to social housing (England)
28 May 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
A briefing note about the eligibility of EEA migrants to apply for social housing in England.

Queen's Speech 2015: lobby document
27 May 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | England, Wales
This document, also known as a 'lobby pack', sets out the UK Government's legislative programme as outlined in the Queen's Speech. It includes, for example, details of the Housing Bill.

Challenge your thinking on tenancy sustainment
27 May 15 - Campbell Tickell | All
A report written in tandem with The Guinness Partnership.

Federation answers Right to Buy extension
26 May 15 - National Housing Federation | England
Read the Federation's reply to the Government's announcement that Right to Buy will be extended to housing association tenants.

New president confirmed for Chartered Institute of Housing
22 May 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | All
Geraldine Howley has been appointed President of the Chartered Institute of Housing following the organisation’s Annual General Meeting.

Half a million children living in unsafe private rented homes
21 May 15 - Citizens Advice | England, Wales
Rogue landlords are raking in £5.6billion a year for unsafe homes that fail to meet legal standards, a new report shows.

Brandon Lewis welcomes housebuilding surge
21 May 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Housing Minister welcomes new figures showing a surge in the numbers of new homes being built across the country.

Welfare reform update - May 2015
21 May 15 - National Housing Federation | England
Looks at how the Federation is responding to welfare reforms.

Comparison of homelessness duties in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
21 May 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | All
'Explains and compares the legal duties on local authorities (and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive) to assist people presenting as homeless in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.'

House building in England: January to March 2015
21 May 15 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
House building starts and completions statistics by tenure.

Housebuilding falls short of demand
21 May 15 - National Housing Federation | England
The Federation responded to housebuilding figures which show a shortfall of new homes.

NIFHA Chief Executive: Housing associations can deliver much more through reforms
20 May 15 - Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations | Northern Ireland
'NIFHA Chief Executive Cameron Watt outlines the vital role of housing associations and opportunities for the sector to deliver much more through current reforms.'

Seven ways social landlords can prepare for universal credit
19 May 15 - | England
Sanctuary Housing took part in pilot tests for the government’s new benefits payment system. Here are its tips on preparing for the changeover.

£108m funds improvements to Welsh social housing
19 May 15 - Community Housing Cymru Group | Wales
A £108m investment in Wales’ social housing stock has been announced by Communities and Tackling Poverty Minister, Lesley Griffiths.

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman headline statistics: 2014-15
19 May 15 - Scottish Public Services Ombudsman | Scotland
A range of figures which help to paint a picture of complaint levels.

The impact of welfare reform on local government and the social housing sector
18 May 15 - Grant Thornton | England
Grant Thornton's report argues that welfare reforms 'will pressurise local authorities', while increasing homelessness and PRS evictions.

We need a strategy to communicate the housing offer to health
18 May 15 - National Housing Federation | England
Commentary from Dan Lyus, Strategy and Growth Director at Aster Group.

Mortgage and landlord possession statistics: January to March 2015
15 May 15 - Ministry of Justice | England, Wales
Official statistics on mortgage and landlord possession statistics in England and Wales for January to March 2015.

CIH NI calls for private landlord licensing
15 May 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Northern Ireland | Northern Ireland
Licensing for private landlords and letting agents through accreditation is the way forward for Northern Ireland according to the Chartered Institute of Housing.

A guide to regulation of registered providers
14 May 15 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
The role, standards and approach of the social housing regulator.

Young renters are prime targets for identity theft
13 May 15 - Experian | England, Scotland, Wales
According to Experian, 'Young, single renters continue to be the most targeted demographic for identity thieves.'

CIH calls for a housing system for everyone
13 May 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Northern Ireland | Northern Ireland
Commentary from CIH director for Northern Ireland, Nicola McCrudden.

Housing Benefit caseload statistics: May 2015
13 May 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | England
Statistics on numbers of Housing Benefit claimants.

A guide for housing associations to your new safeguarding obligations
12 May 15 - National Housing Federation | England
Imogen Parry writes about the ins and outs of adult safeguarding.

Climate change action to be strengthened under new law
12 May 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
The Welsh Government will be required to set legally binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050 under a new law to improve Wales’ management of its resources.

New statistics show success of Help to Buy - Wales
12 May 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
Communities Minister, Lesley Griffiths, has welcomed new statistics showing 1,378 homes have been purchased through the successful Help to Buy – Wales scheme.

Help to Buy - Wales: Shared Equity Loan Scheme
12 May 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
This annual report includes information on the number of homes purchased and the value of the loans received under the Help to Buy - Wales: Shared Equity Loan scheme. It provides information for the period 2 January 2014, when the scheme was introduced, to 31 March 2015.

CIH Scotland responds to Scottish Government consultation on a new tenancy for the private rented sector
12 May 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland | Scotland
The Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland has welcomed Scottish Government moves to make private renting more secure for tenants.

Rough sleeping rises by 15 per cent in London
12 May 15 - Crisis | England
Statistics reveal that 2,343 people were recorded sleeping rough in the capital between January and March 2015.

Flexible and Fixed-term Tenancies for Social Housing Tenants in England
12 May 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
An overview in the form of a briefing note.

Comparing the Right to Buy in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
12 May 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | All
A House of Commons briefing note.

Affordable Rents (England)
12 May 15 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
An overview of the affordable rent scheme under which tenancies in England are offered at up to 80% of market rent levels within the local area.

Universal Credit roll out continues
11 May 15 - Department for Work and Pensions | England
News of how Universal Credit continues to be rolled out.

New rules to put people in control of their care and support needs unveiled
11 May 15 - Welsh Government | Wales
Under the changes to the eligibility criteria for social care, which have been laid before the National Assembly for Wales, the rules will be simplified so that people receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time, that’s appropriate to their circumstances and needs.

Response to appointment of the new Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
11 May 15 - National Housing Federation | England
A brief response from David Orr.

Consideration of Powers: Public Services Ombudsman for Wales
11 May 15 - National Assembly for Wales | Wales
The National Assembly for Wales’s Finance Committee has made a number of recommendations it feels will strengthen the role of the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.

CIH deputy chief executive Gavin Smart responds to the general election result
08 May 15 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
Gavin takes a closer look at what the next five years really mean for social housing.


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