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Tips for setting up a public services trading company
25 Aug 16 - Public Finance | England, Scotland, Wales
Useful tips for local authorities wishing to offset funding reductions.

Social housing sector reports continued strong financial performance
24 Aug 16 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
Latest quarterly survey for April to June 2016.

Wales only: homelessness - financial year ending March 2016
24 Aug 16 - Welsh Government | Wales
'Data which includes information on the number of households applying to local authorities for housing assistance under the Housing Wales Act 2014.'

CIH Scotland and HouseMark Scotland response on the review of the Scottish Social Housing Charter
24 Aug 16 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland | Scotland
A joint response from CIH Scotland and HouseMark Scotland.

Brokers slam confusion around Help to Buy Isa
23 Aug 16 - Money Marketing | All
Brokers have criticised the level of transparency around the Help to Buy Isa.

Chief execs call on MPs to back crucial homelessness bill
23 Aug 16 - Crisis | England, Scotland, Wales
A group of MPs have published the results of an inquiry into homelessness.

New-build housing: construction defects - issues and solutions (England)
23 Aug 16 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
Considers the existing building control regime and customers’ means of redress when faced with defects in newly built housing.

End legal aid deserts appear across England and Wales
22 Aug 16 - Law Society | England, Wales
Legal aid advice for housing is disappearing in large areas of England and Wales, creating legal aid deserts.

What’s wrong with private landlords collecting £9bn in Housing Benefit?
22 Aug 16 - National Housing Federation | England
A blog article by the Federation's David Orr.

The growing Housing Benefit spend in the private rented sector
20 Aug 16 - National Housing Federation | England
A range of findings. For example, 'Housing Benefit in the private rented sector is more expensive than in the social rented sector'.

Equality Impact Assessment Results
19 Aug 16 - Scottish Government | Scotland
Generally covers housing and property in a regulatory context.

Financial resilience of local authorities in Wales 2015-16
18 Aug 16 - Wales Audit Office | Wales
Looks at the current financial performance of the 22 local authorities in Wales and the quality of their financial management arrangements.

Capturing Creativity - Pat Chown Award 2016
18 Aug 16 - Community Housing Cymru Group | Wales
An award celebrating people who make a difference to peoples' lives in Wales.

DCLG and councils should collaborate to avoid service failure, say MPs
18 Aug 16 - Public Finance | England
The Department for Communities & Local Government has been urged to develop a closer relationship with councils to avoid the risks of service failures.

Deregulation update
18 Aug 16 - National Housing Federation | England
The National Housing Federation is working with the Government to ensure housing associations are classified as private bodies.

Housing Benefit Bulletin: August 2016
18 Aug 16 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
For all local authority Housing Benefit staff.

Government must renew strategy for tackling homelessness, say MPs
18 Aug 16 - United Kingdom Parliament | England, Scotland, Wales
'A demonstrable increase in homelessness, driven by the cost and availability of housing, has pushed the problem to such a level that a renewed Government-wide strategy is needed, the Communities and Local Government (CLG) Select Committee concludes.'

More affordable homes 'central' to tackling homelessness
18 Aug 16 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England, Scotland, Wales
'CIH deputy chief executive Gavin Smart welcomes the Communities and Local Government Committee's backing for the Homelessness Reduction Bill ...'

Housing Benefit caseload statistics
17 Aug 16 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
Statistics on numbers of Housing Benefit claimants.

Universal Credit: 29 Apr 2013 to 4 Aug 2016
17 Aug 16 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
Statistics on Universal Credit claims from 29 April 2013 to 4 August 2016.

Proposal for a strong and sustainable future for supported and sheltered housing
17 Aug 16 - National Housing Federation | England
Submitted by the National Housing Federation.

Calling Letting fees to be abolished in Wales
14 Aug 16 - Welsh Tenants | Wales
Details of a report about the practices of private letting agencies.

Mortgage and landlord possession actions
12 Aug 16 - Welsh Government | Wales
A quarterly report, produced by the Ministry of Justice.

Creator of chatbot that beat 160,000 parking fines now tackling homelessness
12 Aug 16 - | England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales
'Teenager who designed DoNotPay to overturn tickets in London and New York expands service to assist those dealing with housing problems in the UK.'

Consulting on the future of benefits for young people
12 Aug 16 - National Housing Federation | England
Automatic entitlement to benefit for housing costs will end for younger people (18 to 21 year-olds) next year, and the Government is carrying out a consultation to determine which people will need support.

Arrears and possessions continue to fall, reports CML
11 Aug 16 - Council of Mortgage Lenders | England, Wales
The number of mortgages in arrears are at the lowest level since records began 20 years ago.

Flexibility needed to meet complex housing needs, Ombudsman says
11 Aug 16 - Local Government Ombudsman | England
'Housing departments need to have a flexible approach when dealing with exceptional family circumstances.'

Social housing stock and rents: financial year ending March 2016
10 Aug 16 - Welsh Government | Wales
An annual report.

Comparing private rented sector policies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
09 Aug 16 - United Kingdom Parliament | All
Reveals that the PRS is the UK's second largest tenure (overtaking social housing) after owner occuptation.

Housing Benefit measures announced since 2010
09 Aug 16 - United Kingdom Parliament | England, Scotland, Wales
A briefing paper.

Taking Stock: understanding the quality and energy efficiency of housing association homes
09 Aug 16 - National Housing Federation | England
This report finds that housing association stock is likely to be in better condition than homes owned by either councils or private landlords.

Briefing on devolution and multiple needs in England
08 Aug 16 - Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) | All
Explores how services supporting people with multiple needs can take advantage of certain powers.

Internet access – households and individuals: 2016
04 Aug 16 - Office for National Statistics | All
What the internet is used for and types of purchases made, by adults (aged 16 or over).

Benefit cap: number of households capped to May 2016
04 Aug 16 - Department for Work and Pensions | All
Statistics on households that have had their benefits capped between 15 April 2013 and May 2016.

Local Government Ombudsman annual report and accounts 2015 to 2016
04 Aug 16 - Local Government Ombudsman | England
The Commission for Local Administration in England (Local Government Ombudsman) annual report.

A debt effect? - How is unmanageable debt related to other problems in people's lives?
04 Aug 16 - Citizens Advice | England
This report - which looks at the link between excessive debt and social mobility - uncovers the close relationship between poor mental health and being in arrears. It finds that people with high levels of debt are 24% more likely to experience poor mental health.

Economic Outlook - Brexit: Uncertainty and Opportunity
04 Aug 16 - Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners | All
Significant political change has swept the country. How will the uncertainty resulting from the vote to leave the EU impact on local economic growth and development?

Second response to the consultation on the tax deductibility of corporate interest expense
04 Aug 16 - National Housing Federation | England
The Federation replied to the above consultation.

Inspection Reports Round 4 – Targeted Inspections
03 Aug 16 - Northern Ireland Department for Communities | Northern Ireland
As part of the regulatory framework for Registered Housing Associations in Northern Ireland the Department for Communities have published the inspections performed within housing associations.

Sustainable and long term - WLGA outlines local government approach following migration report
03 Aug 16 - Welsh Local Government Association | Wales
The WLGA has responded to a report suggesting more needs to be done to support Syrian refugees, by outlining the sustainable and long-term approach being delivered by councils in Wales.

Funding Homelessness Services in Scotland
03 Aug 16 - Shelter Scotland | Scotland
The standard of accommodation and the quality of services provided for homeless people are under threat from funding cuts to Scotland’s councils, housing charity Shelter Scotland warns in this research.

Charities and litigation: a guide for trustees
03 Aug 16 - Charity Commission for England and Wales | England, Wales
This guidance explains what charity trustees need to know when thinking about taking or defending legal action generally.

Regulatory Advice Note: Residential properties and Scottish Secure Tenancies
03 Aug 16 - Scottish Housing Regulator | Scotland
This note advises councils of their obligations when they let residential properties as Scottish Secure Tenancies.

Employing disabled people and people with health conditions
03 Aug 16 - Department for Work and Pensions | All
This guidance will help employers to become more confident when attracting, recruiting and retaining disabled people and signposts further resources.

Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programme 2016 to 2021 contract for registered providers
03 Aug 16 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
All organisations awarded a Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programme 2016 to 2021 allocation will be expected to enter into a standard form of contract for their specific provider type.

Regeneration: how can we take it forward?
03 Aug 16 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
Approaches to regeneration vary substantially from one location to another, but there are a number of common challenges which often need to be overcome. The CIH has identified three top tips to help you push regeneration in your area.

Home ownership struggle hits Coronation Street
02 Aug 16 - Resolution Foundation | England, Scotland, Wales
Plummeting home ownership across Manchester and other major northern cities shows housing no longer just a London problem.

Let’s build homes now and worry about tenure later
02 Aug 16 - National Housing Federation | England
A blog article by David Orr, Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation.

Sector showcase: regeneration
02 Aug 16 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
This document focuses on the case studies involved in CIH's previous research on regeneration and aims to highlight their work and to explore the factors which have enabled them to be successful.

The Hidden Housing Market: a new perspective on the market case for accessible homes
02 Aug 16 - Habinteg Housing Association | England
Research by Habinteg and the Papworth Trust points to the demand for accessible housing to rent and buy for 1.8 million disabled people.

Poverty costs UK £78 billion per year
01 Aug 16 - Joseph Rowntree Foundation | England, Scotland, Wales
A report by Heriot Watt and Loughborough Universities.

Reactions to the end of the Right to Buy in Scotland across the Sector
29 Jul 16 - Scottish Federation of Housing Associations | Scotland
Read reactions to the end of this landmark policy in Scotland.

Homelessness data: notes and definitions
29 Jul 16 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
'Information and guidance for local authorities compiling the P1E quarterly data returns on homelessness.'

Causes and motivations of hate crime
29 Jul 16 - Equality and Human Rights Commission | England, Scotland, Wales
The report looks at the causes and motivations of hate crime based on the five protected characteristics covered by current hate crime law.

Prejudice and unlawful behaviour, exploring levers for change
29 Jul 16 - Equality and Human Rights Commission | England, Scotland, Wales
A report looking at the relationship between prejudice and behaviours. It aims to identify what can be done to prevent and respond to unlawful discrimination, identity-based harassment and violence

Accessible Housing Survey: Public perceptions of accessible housing
29 Jul 16 - Ipsos MORI | All
The latest Ipsos MORI survey conducted for Habinteg and Papworth Trust found that disabled people are more likely, than the public at large, to say they are dissatisfied – 14% compared to 9% of the public overall.

Four million working people to face affordable housing crisis by 2024
28 Jul 16 - Local Government Association | England, Wales
According to research by the Local Government Association, millions of working people will no longer be able to afford somewhere decent to live by 2024 and will need access to some type of affordable housing.

English housing survey 2013 to 2014: headline report
28 Jul 16 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Initial findings from the English housing survey for 2013 to 2014.

Housing options for serving and ex-military personnel
28 Jul 16 - United Kingdom Parliament | All
'Outlines the housing options open to serving and ex-military personnel, it does not cover service accommodation provided by the Ministry of Defence.'

National Panel of Tenants and Service Users
28 Jul 16 - Scottish Housing Regulator | Scotland
A Year 3 (2015-16) headline report. 'The National Panel fits into SHR’s wider approach to communication and engagement with users of social landlord services, and is used to gauge their priorities and experiences.'

Blog: reviewing the Scottish Social Housing Charter
27 Jul 16 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland | Scotland
CIH Scotland's policy and practice co-ordinator Susanne Webster blogs about a series of consultation events and considers what is likely to be included in the new Charter when it comes into force in April 2017.

Housing Benefit: entitlement reductions, 2015 to 2016 (experimental)
27 Jul 16 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
Quarterly statistics on Housing Benefit entitlement reductions identified by local authorities as a proportion of expected reductions.

Caring Homes: how the Carers Strategy can make housing suitable for carers
27 Jul 16 - Housing Learning and Improvement Network | England
The report draws together evidence on the impact of housing on health and outlines some of the key housing challenges for carers.

Welsh case studies factsheet - leading diversity by 2020
26 Jul 16 - Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru | Wales
Includes a series of case studies.

Housing and Planning Act 2016 (Get in on the Act)
25 Jul 16 - Local Government Association | England
A guide to the Act.

The Federation continues its work on rent flexibility
22 Jul 16 - National Housing Federation | England
The National Housing Federation is working with a range of partners to develop the concept of rent flexibility.

Global Accounts Storyboard
22 Jul 16 - HouseMark | England
A tool allowing you to easily visualise high level unit cost data from the Global Accounts. It will help you address the Regulator's VFM expectations.

More people own their own homes
21 Jul 16 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Government figures show that the number of people owning their own home has stopped reducing for the first time since 2003.

Social and private renters
21 Jul 16 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Demographic and economic data on social and private renters.

Extending a voluntary Right to Buy to housing association tenants
21 Jul 16 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
Explains proposals to extend the Right to Buy to assured tenants of housing associations on a voluntary basis.

Let's shore up the nation's economy, say CIH and NHF
20 Jul 16 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England, Scotland, Wales
Details of a report published by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, suggesting a construction slow-down may be on the horizon.

London food gardens have potential to grow over £2m of food
20 Jul 16 - National Housing Federation | England
Estimates the financial value of urban food growing.

Living standards, poverty and inequality in the UK: 2016
19 Jul 16 - Institute for Fiscal Studies | England, Scotland, Wales
Focuses on the distribution of household income in the UK.

Paying for supported housing
19 Jul 16 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
A House of Commons briefing paper.

Key statistics briefing: How many homes did housing associations build in 2015/16?
18 Jul 16 - National Housing Federation | England
Key facts and figures.

New Housing Minister announced
17 Jul 16 - | England
Gavin Barwell is the new Minister for Housing Planning and London.

Will the EU procurement rules continue to apply post Brexit?
15 Jul 16 - National Housing Federation | England
Sets out what we know about the state of affairs around post-Brexit procurement rules.

Building more homes
15 Jul 16 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
This (potentially important) report recommends that the Government must lift its target by 50 per cent and build 300,000 homes each year to tackle the housing crisis.

Housing associations: building through uncertain times
15 Jul 16 - National Housing Federation | England
A range of proposals. Not least that, given more funding, housing associations could build even more homes and create extra jobs.

Unit cost analysis: letter to chairs of all large registered providers
15 Jul 16 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
Letter from Julian Ashby, Chair of the Regulation Committee, on new analysis of cost variation across the social housing sector.

Annual Report and Accounts 2015-16
15 Jul 16 - Housing Ombudsman Service | England
The report covers 1 April 2015 – 31 March 2016. In 2015-16, the Housing Ombudsman dealt with 16,166 complaints and enquiries, more than ever before. Productivity increased significantly resulting in more cases being closed during the year than were received.

HouseMark ASB Benchmarking Analysis of Results 2015/16
14 Jul 16 - HouseMark | England, Scotland, Wales
HouseMark’s anti-social behaviour (ASB) benchmarking system is the country’s leading tool to help social landlords measure and understand the ASB they are tackling on a day-to-day basis. This is the ninth annual report of findings from ASB benchmarking and it covers the financial year 2015/16, with cost data up to 2014/15.

Investing in council housing: the impact on HRA business plans
14 Jul 16 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
Examines the 2012 'self-financing settlement'.

Statutory Homelessness in England: briefing paper
06 Jul 16 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
Provides statistics on statutory homelessness and explains local authorities' duties to assist homeless households.

Creating Chances for Future Generations
29 Jun 16 - Orbit Group | England
A report looking at how the housing sector can work with partnerships and stakeholders to tackle child poverty.

The Impact of Welfare Reform in Scotland
24 Jun 16 - Scottish Government | Scotland
Key research outputs.

CIH comment on EU referendum result
24 Jun 16 - Chartered Institute of Housing | All
CIH's chief executive, Terrie Alafat, said...

Working together to challenge the future of tenant involvement learning report
22 Jun 16 - Chartered Institute of Housing | All
Outlines how landlords have started to embrace a more commercial approach to involvement.

Survey reveals how housing association initiatives relieve pressure on the health sector
21 Jun 16 - National Housing Federation | England
Headline results of a survey designed to better understand the type and breadth of health initiatives that housing associations run.

Carl Sargeant reiterates commitment to tackling Violence Against Women
21 Jun 16 - Welsh Government | Wales
Communities and Children Secretary Carl Sargeant has reiterated his commitment to tackling Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence.


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