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Responses to the The Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004 consultation
24 Oct 14 - Scottish Government | Scotland
Responses to the Scottish Government's consultation on technical changes to help practitioners use existing antisocial behaviour legislation and systems more effectively.

Plans for the Right to Build across England
24 Oct 14 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
'Plans clear the way for a new generation of custom builders who want to build their own homes.'

Housing Associations strengthen finances to build 2,000 new homes
23 Oct 14 - Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations | Northern Ireland
News article: figures show that Northern Ireland housing associations have significantly increased their turnover, operating surpluses and staff numbers to help deliver 2,000 new social homes in Northern Ireland over 2013/14.

Affordable Homes Programme 2015 to 2018: affordable homes contract
23 Oct 14 - Homes and Communities Agency | England
The standard form of contract for organisations awarded an allocation under the Affordable Homes Programme 2015 to 2018.

Four questions housing associations need to ask about their capacity to innovate
23 Oct 14 - National Housing Federation | England
Notes from the National Housing Federation's Ideas Lab.

Affordable housing in Wales: 2013 to 2014 and 2015 to 2016
23 Oct 14 - Welsh Government | Wales
Data on affordable housing in Wales.

New investment will provide thousands more affordable homes
23 Oct 14 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Housing associations can bid for a share of around £800 million of government funding to provide more affordable homes.

New figures show a big rise in the number of affordable homes in Wales
23 Oct 14 - Welsh Government | Wales
Communities and Tackling Poverty Minister, Lesley Griffiths, has welcomed new figures which show the Welsh Government is on course to meet its ambitious target of providing 10,000 additional affordable homes by May 2016.

Right to Build: supporting custom and self build
23 Oct 14 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
'This consultation seeks views about the best way of constructing the Right to Build, giving custom builders a right to a plot from councils.'

Housing Benefit: statistics on speed of processing 2014 to 2015
22 Oct 14 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
Measure of the average time taken to process new claims and changes of circumstances throughout the financial year 2014 to 2015.

Comparison of Universal Credit and Jobseeker's Allowance outcomes
22 Oct 14 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
Analysis of Universal Credit claims to estimate the proportion that would be in receipt of Jobseeker's Allowance at 30 day intervals.

Universal Credit Pathfinder Evaluation
22 Oct 14 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
Findings from the evaluation of the Universal Credit Pathfinder.

Homelessness in England - Commons Library Note
22 Oct 14 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
Background to Government policy on tackling statutory homelessness.

Homeless households in temporary accommodation (England) - Commons Standard Note
22 Oct 14 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
Background information to the increase in numbers of temporary accommodation, outlining various initiatives to reduce those numbers.

Campaign says no compromise in crackdown on benefit fraud
21 Oct 14 - Department for Work and Pensions | England
Ministers are currently highlighting the types of fraud that are hiking up the estimated £1.1 billion benefit fraud bill ...

Scottish Welfare Fund helps over 100,000 households
21 Oct 14 - Scottish Government | Scotland
Over 100,000 households have been helped by the Scottish Welfare Fund, since the scheme began in April 2013.

State of the Nation 2014 Report
20 Oct 14 - Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission | All
This is the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission’s second annual State of the Nation report to be presented to Parliament. The Commission was created by the UK Government in 2012 as an independent and statutory body to monitor and report on what is happening to child poverty and social mobility in the UK.

Older people’s housing champion takes on fuel poverty fight
20 Oct 14 - Care and Repair Cymru | Wales
Each year in the UK, more people die as a result of the cold weather than from traffic accidents. While there are numerous schemes including Winter Fuel Payments, Warm Homes Discount, ECO, Nest and Arbed, there is confusion about what is available and we are not reaching those who need it most. This is the view of Care & Repair Cymru, the older people’s housing champion, who is today calling on the government to tackle one of the biggest winter killers in our society – fuel poverty.

Housing Benefit bulletin: October 2014
20 Oct 14 - Department for Work and Pensions | England, Scotland, Wales
General information about social security benefits, tax credits and council tax support for local authority Housing Benefit staff.

Housing Benefit fraud and error
17 Oct 14 - National Audit Office | All
This study examines the Department for Work & Pensions' response to Housing Benefit fraud and error and whether this was value for money

Welfare Reform Survey – 2013/14 end of year update
17 Oct 14 - National Federation of ALMOs | England
This report is the third in a series produced by ARCH, CWAG and the NFA examining the impact of the changes on both councils’ and ALMOs’ businesses and on the communities they serve. It follows an initial survey of ARCH, CWAG and NFA members undertaken in August 2013 - and providing a baseline of performance on issues relating to welfare reform such as income collection rates, arrears management and the numbers of tenants affected - and a follow up survey conducted in March 2014.

A Home, a Job, a Future
17 Oct 14 - National Housing Federation | England
Housing associations are playing a crucial role in the ‘Welfare to Work’ agenda, making a huge contribution through helping their residents and the wider community into employment, education and training. However, they could be doing much more. 'A Home, a Job, a Future' calls on local and national decision makers to back investment strategies that place housing associations at the centre of employment and skills programmes.

Dealing with irresponsible dog ownership: practitioners’ manual
17 Oct 14 - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs | England, Wales
This manual helps practitioners in local authorities and the police in England and Wales in dealing with dog-related incidents. This includes how to help prevent matters escalating, using the powers contained within the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

PIP quick guide for support organisations
17 Oct 14 - Department for Work and Pensions | All
A quick guide to Personal Independence Payment (PIP), providing information for support organisations.

Dangerous dogs: tough new law to help prevent attacks
17 Oct 14 - Home Office | England, Wales
Tough new legal powers to help prevent thousands of dog attacks every year will be given to police forces and local authorities from Monday 20 October. For the first time, police and local authorities will be able to demand that owners take action to prevent a dog attack or risk fine of up to £20,000.

Data Sharing and Universal Credit
17 Oct 14 - National Housing Federation | England
Read the National Housing Federation's submission to the DWP’s consultation on data sharing with social landlords about Universal Credit claims.

Hate Crime and Housing - Policy and practice Uupdate for social landlords in Wales
17 Oct 14 - Tai Pawb | Wales
The aim of this update is to provide social landlords and partners in Wales with updated information, guidance and good practice examples on hate crime and housing. Hate crime is any incident committed against a person or property which is motivated by the offender's hatred of people who are seen as being different. This difference could be a person's race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Tenant Particaption Survey prepared by Welsh Government
17 Oct 14 - Tenant Participation Advisory Service Cymru | Wales
The Welsh Government is looking to explore tenants’ views on tenant participation with regards to their views on areas such as what aspects of tenant participation are most effective and are most helpful and what do tenants’ need in order to fully engage in tenant participation. The information gained from the survey will be used to inform future considerations surrounding what forms of support the Welsh Government should provide for tenant participation. A short survey has been developed and Welsh Tenants and TPAS have agreed to distribute this to their contact lists. It is available until 22nd November 2014.

Crime falls 16% in England and Wales according to Crime Survey figures
16 Oct 14 - Office for National Statistics | England, Wales
Latest figures from the CSEW show there were an estimated 7.1 million incidents of crime against households and resident adults (aged 16 and over) in England and Wales for the year ending June 2014. This represents a 16% decrease compared with the previous year’s survey, and is the lowest estimate since the survey began in 1981.

Home Truths 2014/15: East of England
16 Oct 14 - National Housing Federation | England
Broken Market, Broken Dreams, a new report by the National Housing Federation, is an analysis of the housing market in the East of England.

CIH comment on the Lyons Housing Review
16 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
Grainia Long, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and a member of the Lyons commission, said: "This report is a detailed blueprint for action on most of the main barriers to building 200,000 homes a year."

New director to join CIH
16 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing | All
A new director for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland has been appointed by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH). Annie Mauger will take on the new role of executive director of CIH’s national business units, which means she will oversee the organisation’s operations in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. She will be based in Edinburgh.

The Lyons Housing Review: Mobilising across the nation to build the homes our children need
16 Oct 14 - Your Britain | England
The Labour Party's 'Lyons Housing Review' report sets out a plan for building 200,000 new homes by 2020. It suggests that as many as half of all new homes could be reserved for local people for as long as two months once they go on the market.

Councils turning homeless people away to sleep on the streets, finds undercover research
16 Oct 14 - Crisis | England
An undercover investigation by homelessness charity Crisis has revealed how homeless people seeking help from their councils are being turned away with no choice but to sleep on the streets.

Turned Away: the treatment of single homeless people by local authority homelessness services in England
16 Oct 14 - Crisis | England
Eight mystery shoppers visited 16 local authorities across England to examine the quality of assistance single homeless people receive from Housing Options and homelessness services. The report reveals that at the majority of visits mystery shoppers were not adequately assisted.

Work to start in every telephone exchange area across Wales as superfast broadband roll-out gathers pace
16 Oct 14 - Welsh Government | Wales
The Welsh Government and BT announced that work is planned to start in every telephone exchange in Wales by the end of September 2015 bringing superfast internet speeds to even more villages and towns across the country.

50th anniversary of Secretary of State for Wales role
16 Oct 14 - Wales Office | Wales
The 17th October marks 50 years since the post of Secretary of State for Wales was created. It was on 17th October 1964 when Harold Wilson appointed the MP for Llanelli, Jim Griffiths to the newly created role.

The development of an energy efficiency strategy for Wales
16 Oct 14 - Welsh Government | Wales
The Welsh Government proposes to develop a new strategy that considers not just it’s role in driving this agenda but also the role of other organisations, businesses and householders. As a first step the Welsh Government is calling for evidence. It want your views on how it could improve energy efficiency performance in Wales. Please submit comments by 8 January 2015.

Affordable housing supply in England: 2013 to 2014
16 Oct 14 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
This statistical release includes new build and acquisitions from the private sector but does not take account of losses through demolitions or sales.

Social housing sales in England: 2013 to 2014
16 Oct 14 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
This statistical release includes annual information on sales by local authorities and private registered providers, and on other schemes and types of sale in addition to the Right to Buy scheme.

Hate crimes, England and Wales 2013 to 2014
16 Oct 14 - Home Office | England, Wales
This publication provides information on the number of hate crimes recorded by the police in Englandand Wales in 2013/14

London calling: a strategy for housing
16 Oct 14 - Family Mosaic | England
This strategy has evolved from two starting points. The first was a collection of six essays written by housing professionals and academics that were included in Family Mosaic’s publication, London’s Housing: a crisis in need of a strategy. The second was a conference hosted by Family Mosaic and attended by 50 leading London housing experts and academics. This conference debated the three themes that are the focus of this document: demand, supply and existing stock.

Census 2011: Release 3J - Detailed characteristics on Housing and Accommodation in Scotland
16 Oct 14 - National Records of Scotland | Scotland
Further details on housing and accommodation from national to local level

Federation response to Lyons Report
16 Oct 14 - National Housing Federation | England
Read the Federation’s response to the Lyons Report which sets out a ‘road map’ to deliver Labour’s intention to build 200,000 homes per year by the end of the next parliament.

Winners of the 2014 Andy Ludlow awards
16 Oct 14 - Andy Ludlow Homelessness Awards | England
List of winners and commended projects

New approaches to tenant scrutiny
16 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
This new approaches briefing looks at the potential opportunities and challenges of establishing and developing options for tenant scrutiny in a housing organisation with the aims of driving business value and customer satisfaction. It is availavle to download for CIH members only.

What you need to know about the Lyons review
16 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
The Lyons review was published 16 October 2014, this member only publication summarises the key points.

Extension of leases (PG28)
16 Oct 14 - Land Registry | England, Wales
How to extend the term of a lease and register the transaction (practice guide 28).

Restrictions and leasehold properties (PG19A)
16 Oct 14 - Land Registry | England, Wales
A guide to restrictions on registered leasehold titles and what to do when complying with a restriction causes difficulties.

Universal Credit: Apr 2013 to Sep 2014
15 Oct 14 - Department for Work and Pensions | All
Statistics for April 2013 to September 2014 with breakdowns by Jobcentre Plus office, local authority and parliamentary constituency.

DWP monthly statistical summary: October 2014
15 Oct 14 - Department for Work and Pensions | All
Monthly statistical summaries provide early caseload estimates for the following working age inactive benefit client groups: Lone parents receiving Income Support; Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Incapacity Benefit claimants in receipt of ESA, Incapacity Benefit, Severe Disablement Allowance, Income Support or Pension Credit; and ESA and Incapacity Benefit claimants receiving National Insurance credits only.

Better business: Councils shaping markets for public value
15 Oct 14 - New Local Government Network | England
Written by NLGN Researcher Maia Beresford and commissioned by APSE, the report represents a call to arms for all local authorities to rethink their current approaches to influencing private markets to ensure that businesses deliver public value.

Regional Economic Indicators - Commons Library Standard Note
15 Oct 14 - United Kingdom Parliament | All
This note contains key economic data on the regions of the UK, compared to the national average.

The regulation of private sector letting and managing agents (England) - Commons Library Standard Note
15 Oct 14 - United Kingdom Parliament | England
This House of Commons Library Note provides an overview of the regulation of private sector letting and managing agents in England.

House prices: Social Indicators page - Commons Library Standard Note
15 Oct 14 - United Kingdom Parliament | All
The average UK property price increased from £170,918 to £188,810 in the year to Q3 2014, a 10.5% increase.

Majority of people think welfare system is not effective: Storey
15 Oct 14 - Northern Ireland Department for Social Development | Northern Ireland
Social Development Minister, Mervyn Storey MLA, has welcomed a new survey that suggests almost three quarters of people in Northern Ireland believe that the current welfare system is not effective in encouraging people to work.

Get Online Week
15 Oct 14 - Community Housing Cymru Group | Wales
Get Online Week ( is a UK wide initiative with hundreds of activities taking place between the 13th and 19th of October. Their common purpose is to raise awareness about digital exclusion and to showcase how simple digital technologies can change peoples’ lives for the better.

Challenging Times, Changing Lives: Phase 4 report
15 Oct 14 - Riverside Group | England
Riverside’s research into the impact of financial and economic changes on households has uncovered a widening income disparity between tenants, with additional debts reducing financial resilience for those at the bottom end. The longitudinal research project – Challenging Times, Changing Lives – follows 20 tenants, including single people and couples, over three years, to assess how people are coping with austerity measures, including changes to welfare benefits.

'We need answers on universal credit'
15 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland | Scotland
Latest government figures show that 14,170 people were claiming universal credit by September 11. Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith says the roll-out of the scheme is being 'accelerated' – but post-referendum, some people in Scotland think it should be delayed or scrapped altogether. CIH Scotland head of policy and public affairs David Ogilvie explores the issues.

Home Truths 2014/15: North East
14 Oct 14 - National Housing Federation | England
An analysis of the housing market in the North East.

Home Truths 2014/15: London
14 Oct 14 - National Housing Federation | England
An analysis of the housing market in London.

Das Rent – learning from the German housing market?
14 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales
The most popular tenure in Germany is the private rented sector and the tenancies tend to be indefinite. Can the UK housing industry learn anything from European comparisons? Robert Flint, solicitor at Winckworth Sherwood, takes a closer look.

Commission responds to investigatory powers review
14 Oct 14 - Equality and Human Rights Commission | England
The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) needs reform in order to provide better protection for the human rights of individuals, according to a written submission by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to David Anderson’s Investigatory Powers Review.

Analysis of Equality Results from the 2011 Census
14 Oct 14 - Scottish Government | Scotland
Analysis of Equality Results from the 2011 Census, including Ethnicity, Religion, and Disability.

CIH welcomes ambitious Irish budget for social housing
14 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing | Republic of Ireland
News article: commenting on the measures announced in the Irish budget, Nicola McCrudden, Chartered Institute of Housing director in the Republic of Ireland, said: “The government has taken the first step along an ambitious path with its first post-bailout budget."

High Court judgement: AA v London Borough of Southwark
14 Oct 14 - Ministry of Justice | England
The results of a court judgement which found against LB of Southwark in an eviction case.

Count Us In: Lessons learnt
13 Oct 14 - National Housing Federation | England
About helping households control their energy use through behaviour change.

Audit fees at a 25 year low as part of Audit Commission’s legacy
13 Oct 14 - Audit Commission | England
The Audit Commission is reducing audit fees for local public bodies by £30 million from 2015 to 2017, taking total fees to the lowest level since the Commission took on NHS audit in 1990.

Victims of hate: walk a mile in their shoes
13 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru | Wales
As Hate Crime Awareness Week gets underway, Alicja Zalesinska, director of Tai Pawb, which promotes equality and social justice in housing, urges housing organisations to look at the issue from the victims' perspective.

Citizens Online release 2 year digital inclusion research findings
13 Oct 14 - Citizens Online | All
Results of the two year Citizens Online Get IT Together Research study are now available.

Tackling fuel poverty
12 Oct 14 - Scottish Government | Scotland
News article: Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced that the Scottish Government will invest millions in a new national fuel poverty scheme, as she launches a campaign aimed at helping people reduce their winter fuel bills.

New powers called for by councils to tackle fly-tippers
11 Oct 14 - Local Government Association | England
News article: new powers are being called for by councils to tackle fly-tippers who make residents' lives hell and cost taxpayers millions of pounds.

'Tenants are being judged by the standards of Benefits Street'
10 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing | All
Should social landlords be imposing conditions on tenants as part of their tenancy agreements? Council tenant Rob Gershon reflects on the implications.

Climate change adaptation inquiry submission
10 Oct 14 - National Housing Federation | England
The Government’s Climate Change Adaptation Sub Committee is examining the progress on preparations in England for adapting to the impact of climate change.

A new fuel poverty strategy for England
10 Oct 14 - National Housing Federation | England
The Federation welcomes and fully supports the proposal for an energy efficiency target of Energy Performance Certificate Band C for all homes in fuel poverty.

Prescription for Success: How housing can make the economic case to health
10 Oct 14 - National Housing Federation | England
Amy Swan introduces a tool to help housing associations make the case for health partnerships.

New funding will get housebuilding work back on track
10 Oct 14 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
News article: work on housing sites will get back on track up and down the country thanks to new government funding.

Regulator welcomes stakeholder communications research findings
10 Oct 14 - Scottish Housing Regulator | Scotland
News article: the Scottish Housing Regulator has welcomed the findings of independent, wide-ranging research into how it communicates.

Effectiveness of homelessness legislation tackled by the Infrastructure Committee
10 Oct 14 - Scottish Parliament | Scotland
The impact of legislation that guarantees accommodation for people assessed as unintentionally homeless has been the focus of an inquiry by the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee.

'Councils can do their bit to get Britain building', Brandon Lewis
09 Oct 14 - Department for Communities and Local Government | England
Housing Minister Brandon Lewis announces new powers for councils to help them build new affordable homes across the country.

A Budget for a prosperous and fairer Scotland
09 Oct 14 - Scottish Government | Scotland
Scotland's latest budget includes a strong housing element and seeks to, 'Drive investment in affordable housing of over £390 million to deliver 6000 affordable homes and £125 million of additional financial support for the housing sector.'

Low cost homeownership poll results
09 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing | All
Read about CIH's 'Ticking the box' for housing campaign.

More quality homes making a difference to people’s lives
09 Oct 14 - Welsh Government | Wales
News article: the Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty, Lesley Griffiths has welcomed new statistics showing yet another significant rise in the quality of social housing across Wales.

Local authority housing income and expenditure: 2015
09 Oct 14 - Scottish Government | Scotland
Summary information on local authority housing income and expenditure including stock levels and average rents.

Over 600 cases of homelessness prevented in Northern Ireland
09 Oct 14 - Northern Ireland Executive | Northern Ireland
Housing Minister, Mervyn Storey MLA, has paid tribute to valuable work by the Housing Rights Service which helped prevent over 600 cases of homelessness in 2013.

Housebuilding figures paint bleak picture
09 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing in Northern Ireland | Northern Ireland
Commenting on Northern Ireland Housing Bulletin for January to March 2014, Justin Cartwright, policy and public affairs officer at the Chartered Institute of Housing Northern Ireland said, “Social housing had its best year in a decade, but overall the figures paint a bleak picture for house-building in Northern Ireland as the crisis in housing continues."

Problem debt costs the UK economy £8.3bn, charity warns
08 Oct 14 - BBC | All
News article: a charity says the problem of mounting personal debt is costing the British economy £8bn annually, due to the burden it puts on state services.

'The housing market is simply not working for too many people'
08 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing | England
Chartered Institute of Housing chief executive Grainia Long assesses proposals made about housing that have emerged at the Liberal Democrat's conference in Glasgow.

Welsh housing quality standard (WHQS): as at 31 March 2014
08 Oct 14 - Welsh Government | Wales
This Statistical Release presents data on the percentage of social housing meeting the WHQS.

Ombudsman publishes annual complaints report for the local government sector
08 Oct 14 - Scottish Public Services Ombudsman | Scotland
There was a 16% rise in complaints about council services compared with the previous year. The top subjects complained about were housing, planning and social work.

'Where next for local services?' - the question following huge cut to council budgets
08 Oct 14 - Welsh Local Government Association | Wales
News article: with local services placed ‘bottom of the pile’ of Welsh Government funding priorities for a second year running, council leaders believe a tipping point has been reached that could result in the disappearance of key services.

A guide to the Housing (Wales) Act 2014
08 Oct 14 - Clarke Willmott | Wales
A guide from legal firm, Clarke Willmott.

Housing and Homelessness of Undocumented Migrants in Europe
07 Oct 14 - PICUM | England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales
Analyses how to ensure undocumented migrants human right to housing.

Accessible Britain Challenge: good practice examples
07 Oct 14 - Department for Work and Pensions | England
Outlines a range of different approaches.

European Responsible Housing Awards: 2014 handbook
07 Oct 14 - European Responsible Housing Initiative | England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales
Good practice from a European Awards scheme.

Integrated Household Survey: January to December 2013
07 Oct 14 - Office for National Statistics | England
The largest social survey ever produced by the ONS.

Mortgage limits a ‘sensible measure’ for recovering Irish housing industry
07 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing | Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland
News article: mortgage limits are a sensible measure to increase the financial resilience of the housing industry in Ireland, according to the Chartered Institute of Housing.

How to create sustainable tenancies
07 Oct 14 - Chartered Institute of Housing | All
Housing providers are now thinking about how they deliver front line services in the face of the changes resulting from welfare reform. This 'How to...' provides advice and guidance to housing organisations who want to develop their approach to tenancy sustainment.

Consultation on the Development of a Definitive House Price Index
07 Oct 14 - Office for National Statistics | All
Seeks user's views regarding how the proposed methodology for a new definitive house price index meets their requirements for official house price data.

Landmark Planning Bill introduced
06 Oct 14 - Welsh Government | Wales
A landmark Bill putting the people of Wales at the heart of how we plan for the future has today been introduced by the Minister for Natural Resources, Carl Sargeant.


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